Cover Letters are Scary

I’m currently unemployed and have been since mid January, it is now mid May. I have 3 more months left of unemployment insurance and have decided to start buckling down on my applications (previously I have been just sending out applications willy nilly to any old job without any real rhyme or reason to the job choices just to collect my unemployment) but I felt I deserved a little break I’ve been working since I was 16 and overworking since I was 19. I haven’t had a break in over 6 years,… Read More

Unconditional Bliss

I am your enlightened inner child shining bright. There is little that cannot entertain me and little you can do to ruin my time. People meet me and think I am silly and I am stupid for acting like an idiot 99% of the time but they do not realize that behind all the play and all the laughs I am conscious, I am aware. I understand what is going on and the shitty things that are happening around me. Trust me there have been countless shitty situations I have been placed… Read More